Rearing of honey bees is called,
Apiculture. Keeping bees at the large scale for commercial purpose as a business plan is increasing in this fast growing world.

Apiculture is also related is to the agriculture or is the part of agriculture.

Apiculture or bee keeping business need less investment of money and laborers with great care of them and a strong relationship between the human being (beekeeper) and the bees. it too hard enough to keep bee’s as the business; if you did not have some knowledge about them and the apiculture since bees are wild in nature. One can easily learn apiculture and can earn more money as profit with less effort.

Honey is one of the oldest sweeteners on earth. Lucky for us, it also has many health benefits and uses. Honey is so good and is listed as power foods that should be in your kitchen right now.

Read on health benefits of honey and make use of this golden sweetener.
• Honey cleans blood and arteries.
• Use of honey is also beneficial to the throat infection.
• Use of honey by children is the best technique to increase their memory power at the small age
• Use of honey avoids a cough, colds, digestive problem, eye disorders, blood pressure etc
• Honey is also used in the cosmetic

• Use of honey provides lots of energy to the body & helps in increases athletic performance.
• Helps prevent cancer and heart disease.
• Reduces ulcers and other gastrointestinal disorders: Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal

Hence, above are some of the health benefits of using the honey in our diet. From the above mention, it also has some more advantage.

Types of Honey (most popular)

There are more than forty types of honey, each with unique properties & a distinctive taste. Each kind of honey has different types of flavonoid profiles which depend on the floral nectar source. The most of the popular honey are:

• Alfalfa
• Manuka
• Blueberry
• Clover
• Wildflower
• Buckwheat
• Orange Blossom

However, the honey quality varies for each type. Darker & denser honey contains a higher amount of antioxidant content. Monofloral honey (honey from a single plant species) contains the lowest glycemic index (GI). For example, the honey found from Black Locust tree; named locust honey has 32 GI while the commercial honey; named Clover honey, contains highest glycemic index (about 70)

Honey beekeeping has an old history because the text of our ancient has shown that the first sweat tested by them was the honey only, who are living in the mountain caves and forest. Our ancestor discovered bees hive for that divine gift; named honey. It is then followed by the poor landless and unemployed people and spread over with time. The technique of beekeeping can vary from person to person, and from region to region.

There are two techniques;

》Traditional and

》 Modern Honey bee farming

Here is complete detail on both of these techniques:

Traditional bee farming

This technique is practice from a long time by the Indian people. People use to maintain bee’s in the old-fashioned clay houses, in wooden logs, in the hollow of the tree stem or in the cracks of the wall, and much more.

To get honey from honey-filled roofs, chopped “chhattas” are either squeezed or boiled on a fire are the common ideas used by the Indian people. Then filter that collected honey with a clean cloth. By following this method, you will get only muddy and unclean honey, which is sold able at a lower rate in the local market. Since there are many imperfections in the removal of the honey from the bee’s hives by the ancient times.

So to get improvement in the production of the honey, modern techniques are developed by the new generation, which is detailed below.

Modern bee farming

This technique is also have been developing from long years ago and is popularly run by most of the new bee farmers. In this techniques, bees are followed in the modern man made wood contaminant and are called as modern beekeepers. Bee rearing in a wooden box is also beneficial because it does not harm the bee eggs since it is protected by the wooden box. Honey can be easily taken out from the box by the beekeeper. Since proper care and a relation of the beekeeper with the bees are the main factors which affect the production of the honey. One can easily earn high amount of profit with low investment.

Raising the Bees in a wooden box is also beneficial because it does not harm the bee eggs since it is protected by the wooden box. Honey can be easily taken out from the box by the beekeeper. Since proper care and a relation of the beekeeper with the bees are the main factors which affect the production of the honey. One can easily earn high amount of profit with low investment.

There are many techniques in the modern bee farming. The various techniques are listed below in more detail: –

》 Top bar hive method: –

This method of bee farming is highly adopted by the people because of its advantage:-

》 Top bar hive is light in weight.

It is too easy to harvest honey in the top bar hive method

Bees experience low stress while creating honey through Top bar hive.

Top bar hive method is being used as tradition method by the country; the Greece and the Vietnam for over a long time and this method is common in the Africa for honey collection. Top bar hive does not have any frame because of which, the comb could not be reused after one-time honey extraction. Which further result in the less honey production and finally affecting the profit also. This method is followed by those people, who are more keen on having bee’s in their garden than in honey collection from these bees

The initial investment in this method to estimate the honey business is too low and require low equipment than the other methods.

However, this method has some disadvantage, listed below: –

》 Usually, comb becomes fragile and it is hard enough to collect honey from that.

》These combs could be re-used by the Bee for letting additional honey into that comb.

Horizontal frame hives

This method is better than the fix comb method and top bar hive due to the mobile frame which is used to collect honey. In this method, after one time collecting the honey from the hive, one can set it again for recollecting the honey.

This method is widely adopted for commercial honey collection. Generally, it can be maintained well for tropical agriculture.

Vertical stackable frame hive method

This method is commonly used by the people of united states and other surrounding countries. The main advantage of this method is the large size of the hives. The Rose hive is the latest modified design of this method.

The major weakness of the Rose method is the space needed. It requires 2-3 boxes as big as the nest. So there is need of lots of frames when one is going to raising the bees as a business. It has been assuming that Rose methods bear all the advantage and limitation of this type method. In this method, there is additional brood and one can easily increase his hive by adding framed boxed to the main hive. This will give advantages you as you can collect all the honey by removing the entire box of honey in the place of removal of single frame box at once.

Bee Colonies:

Castes in the bee colony.
Each and every bee colony is made up of three types of bee; castes in the bee according to their work. These three are: –

☆ A queen bee; usually, the only single fertile female of the colony.

☆ Female workers bee; which are present in large number, generally around more than 30,000 in particular colony.

☆ Male drones; which are present in hundreds of number in the particular colony for the breeding purpose.

Different Species of Honey Bee

There are 5 important species of honey bees and they are listed below.

Indian hive bees

Little bees

Rock bees

Dammer bees or Stingless bees

European bees or Italian bees

Advice before starting bee farming Business

Beekeeping business needs some field related knowledge and also the practical knowledge of the bee-human relation, etc. Here below are some of the suggestion to the new grower for how to start the bee farming and how to make it more and more profitable.

Bee-Human Relationship; First off try to understand well the relationship between the human beings and the bees by visiting the bee farm; nearby your region and try to raise your experience with the bee’s colony. It will help you to manage well these bees from starting onwards of it.

Construction of Bee Farm; Learn their construction and management requirements for the bee’s and try to prepare bettered system for them.

Toolkit; Think about the tools utilize for the bee keeping business and related things before starting it. It will help to manage your investment well.

Size; Start raising bees at the small level, in the beginning, generally fewer hives so that you can manage them well and able to drop out your mistakes from the starting of the business. You can increase your bee keeping business with your increasing experience.

Equipment; Must care of the equipment used for the raising bees. Take care that they should be prepared in accordance with the local environment. Equipment has a big role in the success bee farming since proper use of them increase your profit and also the experience of good bee farmer.

Marketing; Think of marketing your business and try to contact your customer from the beginning onwards. Usually, the bakeries and chocolate makers are the bigger customers which use honey regularly during the whole year. Try to contact them directly.

Basic requirement of the honey bee farm

Here are some basic needs of the bee farm by which one can improve his honey collection: –

Clean water source; by natural o artificial source should be available.

Tree covered area or shade; so that bees can save from the excessive heat of the sun.

Cool atmosphere; Try to maintain the moisture of surrounding. It will affect your profit. Excessive moisture will affect the honey bee fly and also the honey ripening.

Basic requirement to start honey bee farm

To start the commercial beekeeping business, we need some basic requirements for the honey bees. Below is a list of these essential needs, learn them:

You should be aware well with the human-bees relationship because a happy relationship with your bees cause to quality honey production in higher amount & they do not leave your hives.

You should have a good knowledge of bees colony & local flora

Site Requirements in Honey Bee Farming

Selection of a suitable site is also an important task. A proper site for your bee keeping business leads to better result by more honey collection. So, in the selection of the site for your bees farm, learn the following.

Select a location for your farm which has a dry atmosphere with no dampness. A high RH level in your atmosphere will restrict the bees flight while collecting honey & also in ripening the nectar. As mentioned earlier, a good source of clean water is essential for the quality production of honey. So, provide a pure source of water; natural or artificial. Also, trees in your bees farm will provide you a shady & cool place, which protect from the wind. Your site should contain at least some old hive to realize the bees, a sympathy toward them. If not present, construct an artificial one from wooden materials. Also, pollen yielding plants are essential around your bees farm because they directly enhance your honey collection via providing a good source of pollen for the bees & also, minimize their traveling distance for collecting honey. This causes fast & quality collection of honey.

Equipment needed for Honey Bee Farming

For commercial bees keeping business, you need some essential equipment to conduct a different kind of activities in your bee farm.

Here is a list of all the equipment, which is essential for the bees farming. Acquire them

》Honey Extractor

》Bee venom Collector


》Food graded plastic made queen cage

》Queen gate

》SS hive tools of L shaped & curved shaped

》SS knives

》Royal Jelly production & extraction Kit

》Thin & thick beekeeping brushes

》Iron hive tools of L shaped & curved shaped

》Hive gate

》Queen Excluder

》Queen rearing kit

However, a visit to your nearby apiary is a good idea to know more about those essential of beekeeping business.

Management of bees for pollination in Honey Beekeeping business

A good source of pollen for your bees is essential needs for your business because it directly influences your profit via enhancing rapid & quality honey collection.

To save your bees energy, it is better to place the honey collection hive near to any pollen yielding plants because they directly enhance your honey collection via providing a good source of pollen for the bees & also, minimize their traveling distance for collecting honey. This causes fast & quality collection of honey. Also, if you want to migrate the bees hive, then migrate them near to any yard, in the starting of flowering, just after that. Place honey collective hive to provide a site for your bees. It is likely more beneficial to place 5 hives for the Indian bees. Provide enough place to the bees for their collecting honey pollen & to store that collected honey.

Pests and Diseases

The common insects or pests that attack the bee hive are parasitic mite Varroa destructor, Wax moths, Wax beetles, Brood mite, Wasps, Tracheal Mites, Ants, Birds, Bee mites, etc.


The common insects or pests that attack the bee hive are European foulbrood disease, Sac-brood disease (SBV), stone brood disease, American Foul Brood, Nosema Disease, Thai sac brood virus (TSBV), Chalk brood disease, etc

Controlling measure

Please consult your local horticulture are controlling particular pest & disease, observed in your farm

Benefits of Bee pollination.
Crops that are Benefited by Pollination

Vegetable crops: Cucumber, carrot, pumpkin, coriander, cabbage, cauliflower, melon, onion, radish & the turnip crop.

Fruits & nuts: Apricot, strawberry, apple, almond, peach, citrus, & the litchi crop

Harvesting of Bee Products in Honey Bee Farming

Friends! Honey bee keeping business is a multi purpose business. Along with honey collection, bee keeping business has many other products that should be harvested timely to get more profit from it.

The main products beekeeping business are Bees Wax, Bee Venom, Honey & Royal Jelly. However, the main product is the Honey. Timely and proper harvesting of honey is more beneficial to the grower.

So, for collecting good quality of honey, start collecting honey in the ending of flowering season. The method of collecting or harvesting honey varies on the basis of honey collecting hives, used for bee farming. Like in top-bar hives & in traditional hive, harvesting of only those comb should be done which contains ripen honey with fine layer sorrounded by white beeswax. However, there are many honey extractor equipment are available in the market. Acquire a good one & make use of it for honey extraction from super comb.

Bottom line

Commercially, the business of keeping honey bee is the most profitable one that can give you rapid income in very short time. As there is great demand for honey in the market because of its lots of health benefits, there is no need of marketing your business.

Any one can start this business at small scale or as commercial business. If you want to start this beekeping business at large scale, the with an initial investment of about 1 or 1.5 lac, you can start it. It is a good thing to start with less hive, because it will help in raising your practical knowledge of bee farming with low care & management. Initial investment depends on your strength and the best time for starting this business is to start in late August to early September.

Article source:US beekeeping group

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