Benefits of Local Raw Honey Honey in it’s raw form has been used for thousands of years not only as a sweetener, but also as a natural healer for all kinds of ailments; ranging from sore throats and coughs to burns and cuts. With the decline of bees and the rise of modern, commercial beekeeping honey has taken on an all new taste and structure that cannot even be compared to it’s original raw state.

Local raw honey is the purest form of honey, full of vitamins and nutrients that are stripped from it’s commercial counterpart. So what are the benefits of local raw honey? Local Raw Honey is not heated and micro-filtered Many large honey producers heat and micro-filter their honey, therefore losing most of it’s nutritious and beneficial enzymes, nutrients and pollen. Heating honey also destroys it’s antifungal and antibacterial properties. Most of this pasteurization is done mainly for aesthetic purposes so that the honey appears clear of any particles and improves the color and texture. Micro-filtering is also done to remove pollen. Pollen in honey is very important because it allows the honey to be traced to it’s original source and country of origin.

A ton of adulterated honey comes into the U.S. from countries like China, where honey imports are banned. These banned countries falsify the papers and ship through a third party country to get their honey into the U.S. Micro-filtering is a safeguard for large honey packers who often don’t even know where the honey they are buying is really coming from. Local raw honey harvested by local beekeepers is not heated or micro filtered and contains all the beneficial vitamins and nutrients as well as pollen.

Local raw honey is produced in a sustainable and ethical way With the decline of honeybees due to a number of problems, pollination is needed now more then ever. Many commercial beekeepers primarily use their bees to pollinate crops. Not only does this expose them to many pesticides and herbicides but it also is very hard on the bees traveling from one place to another. Many of these colonies do not survive this kind of mass migration.

Local beekeepers usually keep their bees in one location year round, focusing on making sure they are healthy and thriving throughout the year. By not transporting them to big crops they are also not exposed to as many chemicals and pollutants and their survival rate is much higher. Local raw honey heals Because local raw honey is filled with antimicrobial properties it can soothe sore throats and calm coughs as it kills the bad bacteria that causes these contagious infections.

Not only is honey an age old home remedy but it is also being prescribed by more and more doctors today to treat the common cold and flu and seasonal allergies. Many of our customers who suffer from allergies have been sent to us by their doctors to find some relief as Studies have shown that eating a high amount of honey(1 gram per kilogram of body weight) for about 8 weeks can improve allergy symptoms. The pollen in the trees and flowers that cause so much anguish during allergy season are also in local raw honey. By taking honey everyday you are boosting your immunity to those pollens.

Along with healing colds and sicknesses, honey also helps heal cuts and burns. Honey is naturally antibacterial and for ages has been used to help kill germs and keep wounds and cuts clean and free from infection. It has also been used as an anti inflammatory, and not only reduces pain and swelling but scarring as well. Local raw honey benefits you and the bees We all know that things left in their natural state are not only better for you, but taste altogether better. Honey harvested by local beekeepers is kept in it’s purest form. It is not adulterated by fake syrups, or sugar water. It is not mixed with honey from a bunch of different countries. It is simply honey made by bees that gather nectar from the plants and flowers in your local area.

Local beekeepers are on the front lines of saving bees. They are doing everything in their power to keep their bees healthy and productive. By purchasing local honey, you are not only benefiting yourself but the bees and your community as well!

Source: https://www.queenandcolony.com/blog/2019/1/28/-benefits-of-local-raw-honey

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