About Us

Al Khair Honey is South Africa’s leading Premium Brand of Pure Honey. Ranging from Unfiltered Raw, Natural, and Infused to flavored honey, Al Khair Honey covers all needs with its wide range of famous honey.

Honey is a sweet, viscous food substance made by bees and some related insects. Bees produce honey from the sugary secretions of plants or from secretions of other insects, by regurgitation, enzymatic activity, and water evaporation. Bees store honey in wax structures called a honeycomb. 

Celebrity chefs, home chefs, Honey Connoisseurs, Al Khair reaches homes far and wide to all corners of the world. South African Honey is known to be of immense health benefits and totally pure.

Straight from the hive, or filtered to suit the palate, attract the children for its natural benefits, or boost your tea and coffee with its range, Al Khair Honey has  a large range for all.

When it all began?

We BEEgan many many harvests ago. To bee exact it was 19 years ago.

Where it all started?

inIn the meadows of Johannesburg as was just buzzing about my normal routine.

Eventful Years

I’ve got to meet many a new bees and wannabees from all walks of life, cultures and gardens.

 Intention and Vision

To see people benefit and heal from my pure and good quality honey.

Women and Empowerment

I started out with empowering single mums, weak and abused women by giving them an opportunity to sell or supplement their income.


We’ve buzzed a long way.
In the past 19 years we’ve grown our wings from home based business into wholesalers to retail stores nationwide. We are exporters to many countries. Our online presence includes TakeAlot.com and our own Supa Buzzy online store.

Capping to medium enterprise

We would love to keep our customers happy by giving them that special touch, and always go that extra buzz for them.

Why Al Khair Honey?

We take that extra step to ensure you get only the best quality honey by flying from hive to hive fighting the wasps to give you the best quality for your money

Worker Bee Colony

Started out by doing everything myself, I’m now fortunate to have a growing number of dedicated worker bees under me that have been well trained. I can rely on my hive at any time.

Queen Bee

I take pride in checking over every step that goes on in my hive. Ensuring high quality honey products leave my hive to my customer.

Where’s the Hive?

We farm our honey all over the country to ensure our customers get a variety of nectars throughout the year.

How do we earn our Bee Stripes?

We’ve undertaken a campaign to fight against fake honey. We educate the public by holding honey tasting and education campaigns at public exhibitions and events

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