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Immune booster, 500g Glass Jar

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AL KHAIR HONEY presents to you, their all new product developed especially for this pandemic we going through.

In this bitter time, we'd like to add some sweetness, health and hope through a jar of " Immune Boost "

Black Seed, Turmeric and Sumac powder whipped together with our best selling Unfiltered Raw Honey, which is the purest form of honey you'll find. Our unfiltered raw honey has pieces of the wax and pollen in it still. Known to aid digestion and kick start your day.

Turmeric powder has a lengthy list of benefits.

The well known Black Seed too has numerous healing properties. Sumak has been found to be an ancient healing aid and We've teamed them together all in one jar. One teaspoon full taken daily upon awakening is enough to give you all the benefits. Suitable for the whole family.

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